Terrorism once again… Mumbai Attacked.. Solution is Action

6885273    As a practice I was browsing through websites a couple of months ago, of which one site stopped me…It’s about the future of the world in 2025…there was a list showing the problems and innovations of the future…What stopped me is that a problem listed at the top not an innovation…It is the TERRORISM… Globalizing terrorism…sophisticated terrorism which will act as parallel world causing collateral damage, if not alerted and checked in time…Are we aware of it and are we ready to face it..? If not now, can not be later…It has to be tackled through various means, political as well as with forces, wherever is required…See the sophication and technology available to the terrorists…we received e-mail from Russia, China magazines are left Taj…American dollars spent…sim cards are from PakistanMonitored with GPS system sitting in the hotel rooms…Philisophy is “go on killing spree until you got killed”?….Now, It’s not a border issue between Pakistan and India…It’s an issue between the sub-continent, continents and terrorists and their camps…Both the countries lost their leaders to terrorists…Both the countries lost their people to terrorism…for more than 20 years we are suffering from it, yet we are hesistant to take a 20 of terrorists to task, who killed thousands of innocent people either side of border threatening governments and trying to destablize the democracies…INDIA and PAKISTAN are sailing in the same boat…If not acted now, can not be later…we will have a spill over and multifarious problems in future increasing them in strength…It’s high time to resist, to stop and to find a solution…Now, the war is between States and Non-state elements…The war is between liberty and vulnerability…The war is between freedom and death…Let’s realise it and act accordingly…timely and rightly… collectively and quickly…that no more incidents are expected to be a repeated…Look into the future and act with Vision…


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