How to Finance Future Highways ?

HW in WI
HW in WI

 To build and Maintain future Highways, the taxes are raised as following…90% from Fuel tax, 1% tire tax, 5% truck sale tax, 4% heavy vehicle use tax together form 10%…State and local fuel taxes together 35%, State and local highway revenues 45%, and the remaining 20% is from tolls and other State Highway use taxes…Property tax revenues from increased property values around highways can be used for construction of highways…Local governments support from property, sales taxes and general fundsSpecialized taxes of local governments like local sales tax, special assessments, improvement district fees can help to support building of highways…fees on new development from new town houses near highway improvement provides good revenues…Greater use of direct user charges such as tolls and mileage based charges support well…LOT OF MONEY TO BUILD BEAUTIFUL HIGHWAYS, If insufficient other sources like WB loans and grants


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