Future train speeds by 700 km/hr connects cities between 1600 kms


 It is the future transportation..What aeroplanes did in 20th century, the maglev (magnetic levitation) trains will do in 21st century..reach speeds upto 500 to 700 km/hr, which is made possible due to repulsive magents underside the train and the side walls and airfloat the train with constantly alternating current supply along the side wall or guideway that pull and push the train..Japan and Germany are already running these trains from 2004…Transrapid International are developing an electromagnetic suspension system (EMI)..the speed can take you from Paris to Rome in just 2 hrsSwitzerland is trying for a technology that can reach the speed upto 700 km/hr..But the cost of producing guideway is quite high, costs $10 million to $ 30 million per mile…



11 thoughts on “Future train speeds by 700 km/hr connects cities between 1600 kms

  1. omg this is sweet!!!!~!!!! 🙂 i love it lol hahaha yayayayayaya this is going to be the new way to get around places!!!!!!!! it wiil be so cool

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha this i have done it on exactly 1 second.And i have drive 6 maglevs

  3. and i am a billionar and i have bought a line aroun all the japan and i have boght 3 maglevs i know some engish and my brother has dead i have a sister i am 23.

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