Zero Energy Tower – Burj al Taqa



Burj-al-Taqa is to be built in Dubai, the tower is zero energy wonder produces 100% of its own energy, the 68 story building with 322 mtrs height is 22nd tallest building in the world will be built with $406 million..a protective solar shield rises from ground to the top to withstand 50 degree high temperature of Dubai, and the cylindrical shape offer micro exposure to the sun..It has 197 foot diameter wind turbine at the top and 161,459 feet of solar cell cover to generate energy.. The German architecture Gerber designed the tower, through airslits the spent air is sucked by the negative pressure created by the winds on the tower and fresh air is pumped into the tower through a duct system, air is pre-cooled using sea water to 18 degress Celsius..the underground cooling center cools the water in the pipelines gently..This eco-tower is appreciated by the locals..


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