Great Day today … Big Bang simulated

Big Bang

Big Bang

..Today is great day in the history of particle physics and study of Universe..We all know the theory of Big Bang that lead to genesis of Universe..What it tells?…The time and Space are originated by expansion of pinhead matter called SINGULARITY…Singularity is the densest matter with highest gravitation packed into the size of a pinhead..At one point of time (may be we should say history) this Singularity exploded with a Biiiiiiiiiig Baaaaaaaaaang.Starts, Planets, Soalr systems, time and distances emerged due to expansion of pinhead matter to the present size..It is expanding continuously…We know that the bright sun after lakhs and lakhs of years discharges all its energy turns into a BLACK HOLE…A black hole is the reverse process formation of Universe by Big Bang…all the matter condense to its highest density packed into a pinhead size with highest gravitation, that can suck any amount of matter into it…Why today is Great Day? ‘Cause we are simulating Bing Bang on the borders of Switzerland and France by CERN…Why and How…?It is to study the events that occurred minutes after explosion of Big Bang..How the broken atoms behaved, how many types of particles existed and what are their properties…The primitve knowledge we know is that the atom has neutrons, protons and electrons…Later we knew that there are more particles other than primary three like the positrons, muons, hardons, bottom quarks, mesons, baryons, Higgs bosons or God particles etc…we may know more and more from the data collected from this experiment and can be used for various scientific applications..New processes, particles with properties that provides a  break to quantum physics or high energy physics….One more thing is that it is the Costliest Scientific Project taken up ever before..With 2000 scientists from 40 countries, spending  4.4 billion dollars working for 24 years…Some fear that this experiment creates minute Black Holes inside the Earth that finally engulf us…Others say it’s baseless fear…Of course, We survived today know

Big Bang experiment is done in three 3 tubes or tunnels in the is the smallest, the second is 7 km long and the third is 27 km long..It has two tunnels having two tubes called LHC and four machines named as LHCb, CMS, ATLAS and ALICEHelium atoms are bombarded in proton generating machines..The Protons generated are passed through the acellerators several times, to accellerate the speed of protons, that pass through two tubes of LHC in opposite direction and crossover at four machines where subatomic particles are released on bombardment at crossover junctions. These four machines attract various particles emanated from the proton beam. The data collected after experiment is analyzed using 60,000 computers that takes more than a month…Watch and Wait for some ground breaking discovery of facts…


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