tricastin plant, France

tricastin plant, France

NSG, the Nuclear Supplier Group of 45 member nations passed Indian Nuclear Pact lifting 34 year long ban on Nuclear trade with India, the objections of the Austria, Ireland and Newzealand are answered with a promise of no sharing of sensitive technology and no nuclear arm race…It opens doors for CLEAN AND GREEN ENERGY Campaign in India…Around 400 Indian and foreign companies are beneficiaries of the pact that India attracts around $40 billion dollars of foreign investment in India over the next 10-15 years and private sector enters into nuclear energy sector..Scores of nuclear plants will be constructed in India…we can produce spares to global nuclear plants, and around 400 firms get the chance to build nuclear power plants..Some believe modifications in 1962 Act, result in the production of 20,000 MWe nuclear energy by 2020..So far we are able to produce only 3,900 MWe in 60 years, that accounted only 2% of total energy supply…so SINGH IS KING, who won both Pact passed in Vienna, confidence motion passed in Parliament….The above image shows the FOUR Nuclear reactors of Tricastin enrichment Plant in France that produce 3000 MWe power, one of the biggest producers of Nuclear Energy..

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