9. Burj Dubai: the world’s tallest building

Burj, Dubai, UAE

Burj, Dubai, UAE

The Skyscraper in Dubai, UAE has surpassed the height of Taipei 101 in May at the height of 636 mts. The final height is kept secret due to competition but leaks indicated that it is around 818 mtrs or 162 floors. One of its potential competitor is proposed Murjan tower, Manama, Bahrain which is expected to be 1,022 mts (3,353 ft) in height with 200 floors…Another is Mubarak-al-Kabir to be erected in Kuwait with 1,200 mts (3,937 ft)…ALL THE BEST  BAHRAIN AND KUWAIT..But the Mile-High skyscraper recently announced by Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is TWICE the height of Burj Dubai…No end to this vertical race for tallness being spotted


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