The Kosi questions in my mind…

Flood victim in Bihar

Flood victim in Bihar

26th August 2008




29th August 2008

2. How do we handle Kosi crisis in Bihar? The best known efforts required…Neighboring states may help…National Disaster..It runs for two more months..ongoing and post disaster efforts?

28th August 2008

 3. How many life boats are available with Police and army in Bihar, what rescue plans are followed today, tomorrow and day after, how many are mobilized for Kosi disaster?

4. Why dont we discuss on Disaster Management Act? This is right time know..My heart bleeds, when those concerned are unconcerned mam..

5. Recently floods have come in the State..We conducted trainings, workshops, formed committees, mock drills etc..This is the time to know how it had worked?

6. I wanna know how the rescue, relief and rehabilitation going on, how teams are formed, how quickly they responded, how our beloved CSOs are connected, how DM Act is applied mam

7. If I were the PM, first thing I would do is sacking those who failed to take care of breach at the border.

8.How much time we had to communicate the areas below to breach and change of its course in a highly connected world and prepare them or mitigate or rescue?

29th August 2008

 9. Oh my God! The Center asked the State thrice to strengthen Kosi embankment, and said its ready to fund…Is it not Criminal Negligence?? 1500 villages inundated and 25 lakh displaced?

10. As per the Act, Section 6 (2)(g)(h)(1) of NDMA, funds for mitigation, and support to other countries can be provided to prevent disaster…We may call them to the Studio..

30th August 2008

 11. The mission of NDMA’s Management of Floods reads..”to minimize vulnerability and consequent loss of lives…for flood response steps to take are…energency search and rescue, emergency relief, incident command system, preparing community, response coordination among orgs, involve corporate, specialized teams, emergency logistcs, medical plans…To have action plan to stengthen all the above mam.

12. River took different route and so, may not be many flood shelters existing..Are there landslide prone areas? Flash flood problems? Is there trained state disaster response force?

13. Medical awareness to be aired through media about possible infections, medical first responders knowing cardiopulmonary resusciatation..Medical kit haing IV fluids, ventilators, O2, tetanus, poly venom etc…to have patient evacuation Plan

14. The women are molested in relief camps..Nepal rejecting 5000 border crossed Indians in their relief camps.

15. Though Flood Management is the State subject, NEC, SEC has to intervene..Are there River Baisn Orgs (RBOs) set up and working…? NFMI may be set up at the border..Is there Decision Support System (DSS)

16. Do we have flood prone area, and vulnerability maps? Networks of forecast system? There should be DPRs on rivers of Nepal, Bhutan and China to implement Flood Management Plans.

17. All State Govt should finish construct shelters by March 2009…Are Biharis flood insured? Is Kosi dam inspected by May? Are NGOs involved in search operations? Is evacuation plan based on GIS? Are there customized dept wise action plans? In EEP government depts, paramilitary, NDRF, SDRF, CSOs, CBOs, PRIs, ULBs and Civil Defense involved? Is there severity estimate? 80% of rescue is done by the Community…Heroic stories may be shown mam.

18. How quickly supplies and forces are deployed? Are there missing people? Is drinking water available? Are commodities stockpiled? Are there trained DDMAs? Is Bihar using its media fully?

19. Is IDRN of CFI responding? Are there 18 membered CD teams in Bihar activated? What is the level of disaster? Sex workers are collecting donations for flood victims..


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