2016 – UK – Zero Carbon Homes

near zero carbon homes
near zero carbon homes

Zero carbon homes are built for the future in the UK. By 2016, all new homes built are zero carbon homes, the green homes. The Government exempts Stamp duty and Land tax to encourage the building of these homes. Near zero carbon homes generate its own energy demand in environment friendly way…The key features are the design has maximum airtightness, high levels of insulation in roof and walls, its windows and doors have high thermal performance, draft lobby helps reduction of mass escape fo heat from the doors opened, it heats up maximum in winter sun, shades of northy cold winds, low energy demand lighting, energy efficiency washing machines and heaters are used, hot wiper pipes are insulted and have efficient design, an intelligent software is used to use appliances, efficient electric circuilt to use less energy to standby appliances, motion detection lighting and timer delay lighting is installed…Renewable energy sources are used like ground or air space heat pumps for hot water and space heating..biomass fulled hot water and space heating..small scale urban wind turbines..Photovoltaics for solar energy..biomass fuelled micro or community combined heat and power plants..small scale hydro electric..Kintetic battery to store unused energy system..unused energy is exported back to the NATIONAL GRID…GREAT KNOW 


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