n     Policy makers to understand value of evidence, more informed about research, gain access to it, be able to critically appraise it (Davies, 2004)

n     To arrive at an agreement of what research means by policy makers and researchers

n     Ministers and senior officials to own the evidence and gain commitment from it

n     Commitment to use findings in non-hierarchical, open and democratic environment

n     Provide incentives to establish evidence of effectiveness and efficiency ( Eg: UK – Treasury).

n     Allocating incentives to summon and use sound evidence in devolution of budgets to frontline agencies and decision making bodies

n     Systematic reviews of what is known, increased use of routine assessments and audits

n     There is a need for ongoing evaluation of health systems and policies in Sri Lanka ( Hornby and Perera – 1997)

n     Increased communication between the research and policy worlds to strengthen integration of policy and evidence.

n     Using in-house and outside researchers in policy process

n     Integrated teams to understand the questions to answer (Eg: Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration project (Davies: 2004)

n     Setting up of intermediary bodies.

n     UK has new set of institutions to organize and create knowledge in health.

n     Co-location of policy makers and internal analysts, if required to have sustained interaction

n     Use of secondments to exchange of staff between government departments and universities.

n     Learning each others languages, more fora for discussion, joint training and professional development opportunities for policy makers and researchers (Davies, 2004)


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