(London, Cabinet Office, PMSU, 2004)


       Support strategy development and strategic thinking in government

       It encourages project based approach with four typical phases

       Foster strategic thinking through range of skills, useful tools and approaches

       Reference guide, not off-the-shelf solution



        It has two sections

       1. Strategy development

        Justification and set up

        Research and analysis

        Strategy formulation

        Policy and delivery design – all links to

       Typical tasks

       Example outputs

       Management issues to be considered

       Typical questions to be asked

       Relevant skills

        Strategy skills section

       Managing people and the project

       Managing stakeholders and communications

       Structuring the linking

       Building an evidence base

       Appraisal options

       Planning delivery

        Number of helpful tools and approaches for skills make up a toolkit for strategy practitioner, right tool for right job improves the efficiency and effectiveness of strategy work. Appropriate blank templates also available. (eg: SU childcare project)

        Team has specific key players in thinking through implementation

        Setting up working groups and specified key deliverables

        Delegated a detailed work to establish ownership, buy into specific tasks and overall conclusions

        Team plan in table presents specified key conclusions, outputs, activities, lead responsibility, key stakeholders and time-table

        For Ministerial version an additional column is left for further comments

        To publish plan for key stakeholders to account for against it


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