1. Assessing the Qualitative Research

2. Researching social policy : uses of qualitative methods

3. Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Methods Program.


Assessing the quality of qualitative research


l     Not all published, or all unpublished research meets the standards of validity, reliability and relevance needed for policymaking.


l     The framework that guides to assess the credibility, rigor and relevance of individual research studies. The four central principles are


l     Contributory – wider knowledge, understanding about policy, practice, theory or a particular substantive field


l     Defensible – in design by providing a research strategy that can address the evaluative questions posed


l     Rigorous – in conduct through the systematic and transparent collection, analysis and interpretation of qualitative data


l     Credible – In claim through offering well founded and plausible arguments about the significance of the evidence generated.


l     Assessment of findings, while moving through different stages of research processes, design, sampling, data collection, analysis and reporting, and some general features of research conduct like reflexivity and neutrality, ethics and auditability.


Researching Social Policy : the uses of Qualitative Methods


l     Examines social policy role of qualitative research based mainly on group discussion techniques, a valuable tool to help local authorities and public bodies undertake public consultation and develop their policies


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Methods Program

l     The program forms part of the ESRC’s strategy to improve standards f research methods across the UK social science community. Funding seeks to:

l     Support substantively focused research tat poses interesting/novel methodological issues.

l     Foster work that directly enhances methodological knowledge or improves and advances qualitative and quantitative methods.



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