(London, Cabinet’s Office, PM’s Strategy Unit (PMSU), 2002)


n     WHAT IS IT?

q    To deliver a fairer, more inclusive and competitive society, key issues and needs of different groups to be considered.


q    A web-based checklist prepared by PMSU to help policy makers to identify issues and highlight tools to provide effective advice to ministers

n     When is it Used?

q    At the time of policy proposal and at the end of policy process

n     How does it work?

q    As most up-to-date guidance to screen the potential impacts of the proposal



n     Costs and broad appraisal issues : Defined in economic and equity terms

n     Impact Assessment

q    Value for money

q    Access

q    Choice

q    Information

q    Fairness

n     Regulatory Impact Assessment

n     Public sector impacts

n     Quality of Life

q    Social progress

q    Environment protection

q    Prudent use of Natural Resources

q    Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment

n     Scientific Evidence

n     Risk, Public health and Safety

n     Legal issues

n     Treaty obligations

n     Devolved administration

n     Environmental appraisal

n     Area implications

n     Policy appraisal for equal treatment


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