Moment of History made at Beijing.. Gives a Philip to Indian Sport

“It’s Indescribable” says…Kalmadi. “I congratulate all including myself, and I’m the lucky sports minister” says…M.S.Gill…”It’s result of 12 years of hard work” says…Proud Father Bindra, But…What this Champion described his medal winning is interesting…”I have done better in Athens Olympics (better than here) but stood at 7th place”…”It’s most important moment of my life, gives philip to the sport in India”..This boy is very calm and cool after winning, which reflected his confidence communicating us that it’s not ‘not gettable feat‘, but I have done it on my day.. This is what is very impressive about him..The young man of 25 years goes into history books as the first Indian ever to get an Individual Gold Medal in Olympics..But we should not forget that the road is laid by his seniors Paes, Malleswari, and Rathode, which he humbly accepted..His fellow shooter expressed that he is very professional in making and following training schedules..He deserved it..Let’s allof us  Congratulate Abhinav..We, Indians are more emotional and less professional…Let’s take this moment is a step forward for our sportpersons to win internationally in major events, but CONSISTENTLY..Let’s expect our sport planners plan to give all the support required to be provided in right time to the right people at right place throughout…Some us of may feel that is the sport a priority item in this country?…I do believe it’s a priority, ’cause it unites us emotionally, integrates us, makes our young people more confident and proud citizens of the global world..Nothing else (more) we should expect from the sport..For example, if we take a satellite picture at visible range on the sub-continent for a ‘day and night’ Cricket match won, we see so many joyous Indians on roads congratulating each other, and all lights on over the sub-continent at midnight watching TVs etc…There are only two things to remember…Politics may divide people, but Sports unite us..Let’s expect good politics and more sport event to win in coming days..For the way she is playing, we may expect a medal from Saina, a badminton player, and from Gagan Narang and others too…Let’s cherish and celebrate it and look forward for the day when we top the medal tally list replacing China and US in next couple of olympics..As a first step our sport authorities and governments prepare for the Commonwealth games 2010..This will be the Mission of  sports in India…Let’s have more academics with private partnerships to support different games and sports, let’s liberalise the sport in India to get sponsorship support and professionalism creeping into..Let’s wish a day will soon come when sportsperson from other countries come to our academies to get trained…Let’s hope for the good, better and the best…


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