olympics 2008
olympics 2008

The Opening ceremony of Beizing’s 2008 is a history. It is the climax 7 years of systematic work and China has shown its strength to the world and I feel it has officially announced its new position to the world as emerging super power. The big question is that are we ready for 2010 commonwealth games? Are we ready to race with China in grabbing opportunities in this global race in all departments? They have shown the superior technologies they possessed, and disciplined work stiking to the deadlines. Moreover, the absolute syngergy with which they are capable of working in large teams of thousands is mind bloggling. Four years ago, I read somewhere that China is using 50% of World’s Cement produced to construct its world’s biggest dam, highways, and huge buildings. Small villages turned into beautiful skylines with huge towers. China has 1000 towns growing rapidly, and of  its 100 cities many are not even present 20 years ago or existed as small villages are now turned into concrete towers of more than 150 to 200 mts tall..Interestingly 90,000 Chinese in the jam packed stadium of Beizing uproared when the contingent of Iraq, Iran, North Korea and the US entered for a march…That’s the spirit of competitiveness..ARE WE READY? It’s not just managment of games and huges costs for it..But it’s the spirit to compete and race with the world..The new theme given by China as ‘One world and One Dream’ may be a diplomatic way of stating to the world, that it’s readying to lead it…Pl. think it over.


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