Best Olympics…Beijing proved on 08-08-08. Is India ready to host?

Grandeur show

Grandeur show

This is the grand olympic torch lit..How this will be lit, who will lit it, is kept secret till the end..It is the director of the “Crouching tiger and Hidden Dragon” who modelled to air lift the gymnast to 100 fts above the ground directed the show..The gymanst imitated walking along the vertical inner edge of inner rim of the stadium at 90 degrees..An illusion is created with technology as if a carpet is rolled out while he ran on it. The videos of the tour of olympic torch all over the China are projected behind him.. The Chinese constructed so many things for Olympics in just a period of 7 years and spent $ 50 billions for the show..They constructed world’s largest Air Port..Ofcourse, they constructed the World’s largest dam, three gorges.. Out of all, the most impressive thing is the way they work in large numbers as teams.. There is a criticism that the pollution levels are high and smog surrounded the city. A State emergency existed shutting down all factories, as the western media puts it. They closed air port and positioned missiles at the stadium as a measure of security..they are not just big in Population size.. Big in many things. Is India ready for a show like this????


2 thoughts on “Best Olympics…Beijing proved on 08-08-08. Is India ready to host?

  1. Ofcourse it (India)can..We are just seeing the result..the butterfly.. but if it made in our homeland, then we tend to see the caterpillar too..We should bear in mind that even in China it might have come out after the ugly etc..

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